Saturday, 5 May 2012


There are always plenty of possibilities, with new ones being
born every moment. On a regular basis, pick a new
possibility and explore it fully.

Turn down a road you've never traveled before, and find out
what's there. Be curious, and let your curiosity lead you in
The direction of new discoveries.

Inject some fresh, new experiences into your life. Challenge
yourself and add richness to your life by stepping outside
your regular routine.

Surprise your senses with things you've never experienced
before. Wake up your spirit by uncovering previously hidden
treasures in your world.

Add to life's list of joys. Give new depth and richness to
your perspective.

The good things in your life are yours now because there was
A time when you chose to find them. Explore some new
Possibilities, and there is much new value you can find.

~Ralph Marston~

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