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3 Meals Vs 6 Meals Day:

3 Meals Vs 6 Meals Day:

The consumption practice of taking meals six times per day instead of 3 times is gaining significance among the weight watchers. Let us discuss merits and demerits of this practice of diet in the words of Dr.Damayanthi, Nutritionist at National Institute of Nutrition. `Six meals per day diet' or `eat and lose weight', and these slogans, which tends to attract people, and they are used to come for counseling to know about this diet plan from Nutritionists.

Dr.Damayanthi revealed the fact that most women in the age group of 30s, who came for nutrition counseling and followed the six meals per day diet plan, considerably lose their weight, and after that they might get back to their old diet practice, gaining their weight nearly more than two kilos of weight than before they had. Dr. Haritya Shyam, who is the Head of Dietetics Department from one of the leading Hospital have confirmed that people who follow strictly this practice, `eat and lose weight' plan as per the recommendations of dieticians, lose weight quickly in less than two or three months, but once they have given up this diet plan, they gain much weight than before. For example, people who lose 10 kilos during the diet plan, and once stop it, you gain nearly 15 kilos, which is more than the actual weight you had.

Nutritionists and dieticians have given the above statistics and the diet plan of six meals per day or eat to lose weight; they provide sensible diet formula for the people who want to lose weight following the same. Let us discuss some ideas put forth by them for weight loss. The main concept is eating meals with regular intervals with less quantity six times per day. Dr Damayanthi cautioned the people that foods you take should not contain excess calories, as this might add extra kilos to your weight. It is necessary and important to consult the dietician or Nutritionist, to determine the exact requirement of calories consumption per day, which is based on the one's age, body type, daily physical activity, and other parameters of one's health condition.

For more details please visit;http://ideas4health.in/health-ideas/weight-loss-2/3-meals-vs-6-meals-day/

9 Tips To Make Effective Decisions

Its true that you are the product of your own thoughts and decisions. Whatever you decide on daily basis, whatever you do in your routine life is directly or indirectly linked to your future. That means you are making the foundation of your destiny with your decision and actions in your routine life. So by looking at the bigger picture, it is right to conclude that decision making is critically important for your success and achievements of lifetime goals.  Given below is the list of insightful factors which you need to considere while making decisions.

1.     Consider the short term and long term consequences: Whether the decision is materialistic or a sensitive family matter.  You have to consider short terms and long terms benefits.
2.    Cost Vs quality if applicable. If you intend to purchase something, consider cost, quality, warranty perspectives. Usually cheep products have less life and bad quality but is not the case always. To cope up with this, define your budget and then carefully analyze all the options which are falling within your budget.
3.    Need Vs wants analysis: Are you purchasing for pleasure or it is your long term need. Remember this is a difference between pleasure and happiness. Sometimes pleasure dost not last long so you don’t want to spend a lot for the sake of short time pleasure. If you are in Need of something then consider point-1 and point-2.
4.    Consider emotions: This is quite sensitive aspect. You have to put yourself in everyone’s shoes to understand his/her emotions. You don’t want to hurt someone with your decision,  instead you want to keep your stake holders emotionally satisfied. Emotional Intelligence is an art; learn it by reading on internet. To understand people you have to have true sense of judging people
5.    Consider Win-Win:  A balanced approach in which everyone gains is always recommended.  
6.    Consider all options: Don’t stop your brain on one idea or approach. Think about more options. Seek advice from others on different possible solutions of the given situation/problem. to the problems which need decisions.
7.    Ask for criticism: If possible ask for criticism before implementing the decision. Although it’s never too late to ask for criticism even after your decision. Feedback always helps in your future.
8.    Learn to differentiate between Urgent and Important tasks. Read my article Urgent and Important.
9.    Closely observe others: Think about what your friend/colleague/acquaintance did under a specific condition. A wise man always learns from the mistakes of others.

Good decisions require good analytical skills. Read some tips here to improve your analytical skills.

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Coping with Interviews

After coming through all the hurdles of the selection process, you will eventually arrive at an interview. This is of course, a major obstacle for many job applicants. Although they may have the qualifications, experience and a proven record of accomplishment, they may lose out to a candidate who 'interviews better.

So what does 'interviewing better' actually mean? It comes down to the candidate being well prepared and confident. A candidate who can answer questions in a way, which is acceptable (but not necessarily right) to the interviewer, someone who knows something about their potential employers business and the post they hope to fill. These are really the basic components of any candidate who 'interviews well'. There are undoubtedly other aspects employers may look for in relation to specific posts - having their own ideas, articulate, thinking on their feet, aspects which will be related to the job and to the company's preference in employees. 

The employer will also be looking to fill a post, which has a particular job specification - in other words personal aspects besides the experience, and qualifications that can be put down on paper. The interviewer will set out to ascertain that the candidate has these personal qualities, skills and abilities the company requires.

These two essential ingredients are interlinked. Good preparation instils confidence.
Therefore, the basic approach to an interview is to be well prepared. This means two things - preparing yourself practically for the interview, and gathering knowledge and information, you can draw on during the interview. 
Ø  Be sure you know the time, date and location of the interview and name of interviewee where appropriate. 
Ø   Check out how you will get to the location, and when you need to set off to be there in good time - do a dummy run if necessary. Plan to get there no earlier than half an hour before the interview time, anticipate delays. 
Ø   Have what you are going to wear ready in advance - everything down to your underwear. 
Ø   Do not go to the interview laden down with baggage - psychological as well as physical. 
Ø   Take the bare minimum of belongings necessary.
Ø   Concentrate on the interview at the interview - nothing else.
Ø   If, you are asked to bring certificates, references etc, get them ready before the day. 
Ø   Take your interview letter. 
Ø   On arrival ensure the receptionist knows you are there, visit the toilets to tidy up etc. 
If you are well organised and have planned for the day your confidence will increase.
The interview is a chance for you and the employer to get to know one another. It is NOT the time to get to know about the post or the employers business. 

Do gather information about your employer before you are interviewed - what do they do, what are their current projects, what other interests do they have? Ask staff - many companies will offer you the chance to talk about the vacancy with someone, use the opportunity to find out more about the company. 

Bigger companies will have PR departments, smaller ones will provide you with some information - libraries can provide information on local business and keep directories of national business. Use the internet - many companies have a presence here now.
Make sure you know what the job entails - get a job description, ask someone in a similar post; ring the company to clarify if unsure. 

Remember the employer is interested in you as a person, your experiences and your opinions (in most cases). Do take the time to sit down and think about you, who you are and what you have achieved. It can be highly embarrassing to know more about the employer than yourself.

Sit down with your CV and make notes, about your work record, what you have achieved. Look at yourself as a person in employment - how do you see yourself, what have you done, what ambitions do you have. Make notes, prepare, and rehearse sound bites about yourself. Remember that one of the most common of interview questions is 'Tell me about yourself' prepare a sound bite for this in particular, but not a life history. Usually interviewers want to know about personal qualities not achievements - though examples can be included to support your statement. 
Interviews vary tremendously, from very informal to formal. However, some questions can be anticipated, as can the subject matter. If you are well prepared, then the majority of problem questions should not arise. You will know about the company, you will know about yourself and you will have a good idea of the demands of the job - these questions will not be a problem to the well-prepared interviewee.

Best of Luck
Abdul Hafeez
HR Manager
Skype Id: Abdulhafeezshahani

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Used Love
by Arhata
September 25, 2011

Second hand emotion? Love’s got a lot to do with people’s joy of life even if it’s not returned, or broken.  Love that comes from the mind primarily, really is ‘used love’ that may reach levels of ‘barely audible’ on the richter scale of ‘love’s measurement’, or just benign love. It’s sad, and at the same time amusing how so many claim love so frivolously, and show actions as quickly to demonstrate a very thin veiled love that covers up varying degrees of anger and self loathing. I have a relative, who clearly doesn’t love herself, tells me she love’s me, and insists that I return the words!

‘Used love’ has more than one side. Using love to curry some kind of response or favor is love that’s been ‘used’ for the wrong reasons. Perhaps it could be called an ‘abusive love’, or abuse of the real meaning of a deep feeling of joy, gratefulness, compassion, and sheer warmth of the being. The word ‘love’ has many levels of conveying a thought all the way to a deep unconditional feeling. Abuse of the word, in my mind, is to spread it far and wide with little regard for it’s unconditional meaning, or even if you have little regard for your inner self.

‘Flash love’ happens arbitrarily when someone gets a momentary, but rare, spike in their feelings that is nice but much like a bubble floating in the air - pretty, then it bursts into nothingness. Flash love is just a glimpse that is conditional upon the intended recipient being what the giver expects. Better to use a ‘flash of love’ than a flash of any negativity. One moment of love can last for a lifetime as can a moment of negativity. Choose, but choose to become love’s positivity. 

Love only grows in strength when ‘used’, and used consistently. Be the bridge from cold unconcern to the dawning of a path of love. The dawn of love is not far away, make every effort to bring it closer. Be the bridge between humanity and the dawning of a new and loving humanity. A more beautiful and blissful existence is within your grasp. Leave the past behind, and move into a fulfillment of love and compassion. Make living an art and the whole aim putting together the fragments that have shattered, and make yourself whole. No division or dualities are necessary. Enjoy your life with no fears, and with a wholeheartedness. Use the heart of love opened wide to shine the light on a path of a journey into life and other’s lives, spreading bliss.

"There is no path to truth, it must come to you. Truth can come to you only when your mind and heart are simple, clear, and there is love in your heart; not if your heart is filled with the things of the mind. When there is love in your heart, you do not talk about belief, you do not talk about division or the powers that create division, you need not seek reconciliation. Then you are a simply a human being without a label, without a country. This means that you must strip yourself of all those things and allow truth to come into being; and it can come only
when the mind is empty, when the mind ceases to create. Then it will come without your invitation. Then it will come as swiftly as the wind and unbeknown. It comes obscurely, not when you are watching, wanting.
It is there as sudden as sunlight, as pure as the night; but to receive it, the heart must be full and the mind empty. Now you have the mind full and your heart empty" - J. Krishnamurti.


With my friendshipSADRU RAJWANI





       Take a tiny piece of jaggery (gur) every hour. Just keep it in the mouth and slowly suck it till acidity subsides.

       Drink coconut water 3-4 times a day. Have a plateful of watermelon (tarbooz) and/or cucumber (kheera) every hour.

       Harad juice, 1-2 teaspoon daily after meals is very effective in controlling acidity. The juice can be mixed with an equal amount of amla juice for better results. To take out amla juice , grate an amla and squeeze the pulp through a clean muslin cloth to get juice.

       Chewing a piece of harad is an age old remedy.

Bed Wetting

       Give 2 walnut halves (akhrot giri) and 1 teaspoon of kishmish to the child before sleeping for 10-12 days

Bad Breath

       Chew a piece of cinnamon (dalchini) put in a betel leaf (paan ka patta).

       Boil some cinnamon (dalchini) in a cup of water. Store it in a clean bottle in your bathroom. Use it as a mouthwash frequently.

       Parsley leaves(ajwain) are rich in chlorophyll, nature's own deodoriser. Chew some leaves regularly and your breath will remain fresh. Alternatively, you can chew some cardamom seeds to sweeten your breath.

       Use neem twigs as tooth paste.

       Powder the dried mint (pudina) leaves. Use as toothpowder.


       Mash a ripe banana and apply on burns.

       Bandage with betel leaves (pan ka patta).

       If you have a minor burn, immediately place an ice pack on the burnt area for 10 minutes.

       Combine 4 teaspoon each of lime juice, coconut oil and betel leaves mixture. Rub till the mixture turns white. Apply on affected parts.

       Apply curry leaves (kari patta) as poultices over affected areas.

       Spread a thin layer of honey over the burn and cover with a dressing. Repeat this regularly every two or three hours till it heals.

Burns (Contd.…..)

       Burns by fire:

       Immediately apply glycerine on the burnt area.

       Burn a handful of mango leaves to ashes and apply this on the affected parts.

       Burns by hot water:

       Take the thin buds of banana leaves. Bandage directly on affected areas. Tie the upper part for two days and then lower parts for two more days.

       Scars because of burns:

       Boil 1 cup neem bark (neem ki khal) in 4 cups water. Remove from fire. Apply the emerging froth on the affected area. Repeat several times and for several days.

Bronchitis In Children

       Mix 1 teaspoon oil of garlic (lahsun) with 3 teaspoons honey and give a small amount three times a  day to the child


       Rub some ginger paste on the affected area. Apply oil of eucalyptus on it

Blood Pressure (High)

       Restrict salt intake and drink plenty of fluids (at least 8-10 glasses of water daily)

       Drink curry leaves (curry patta) juice initially 3 times a day (1 glassful) for a month or two and then reduce to only once in the morning. Have it on empty stomach. For taking out juice: fill your mixy with washed curry leaves, add ½ - 3/4 glass water. Churn well and sieve. Add the juice of ½ or 1 lemon and drink fresh.

       Have single pod of garlic (lahsun), one pod first thing every morning or if this is not available, have 1-2 cloves of ordinary garlic (lahsun). If you get discomfort with having garlic first thing in the morning, have 2 cloves twice a day - swallow with water any time or with meals.

       Mix 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon ginger (adrak) juice, 1 teaspoon cumin (jeera) powder. Have twice a day.

Blood Pressure (High) (Contd..….)

        Go on an apple diet for a few days. It has a diuretic effect and thus brings down the B.P.

       Fruits such as mausami, orange, peaches (aaru), plum (aloo bukhara), watermelon (tarbooz) are also beneficial.

       Having rice, particularly brown rice as the main food is very beneficial. As rice has very low sodium content and low cholesterol, it is a perfect diet for those who have been advised to have low salt diets.

       Consumption of natural diuretics like coconut water, butter milk, coriander (dhania) juice (made from green coriander in the same way as curry leaves juice) is very beneficial. You can also start having fenugreek (methi) juice (made from fresh methi) and if this is also not effective, move to curry leaves juice. Drink each juice for 10-12 days at least before you decide. If it does not work then move to the next one.

       Last but not the least, rest, relaxation and good sleep are effective in keeping B.P. under control.


       Take a hot glass of water with 1 teaspoon honey and juice of ½ a lemon first thing in the morning.

       Drink one litre of water first thing in the morning.

       Soak 6-8 dates (khajoor) in a cup of water at night. Churn in the mixer in the morning & drink first thing in the morning.

Constipation (Contd.…..)

       Constipation in small children:

       Soak 6-8 raisins (kishmish) in hot water (depending on the age). When cool, crush well and strain. When given routinely even to little infants, it helps to regulate bowel movement (however care should be taken - so as not to give too much otherwise the child will get loose motions.)

       Consumption of 6-8 apricots (khumani) a day or 2-3 cucumbers (kheera) a day or 1-2 bananas a day is also very useful.

       Bulk forming vegetables like carrots, radish, spinach, cabbage or roughage creating things should be consumed. Instead of juice always opt for eating the fruit.

       Whole wheat flour should be used and processed foods (maida, cheese, confectionery) should be avoided.

Eyes strain due to TV watching

       Boil ½ teaspoon fennel seeds (saunf) in a cup of water till it is reduced to half. Cool. Use as eye drops (Caution: Beware of contamination) .

Ear infection

       Extract 1 teaspoon juice from mango leaves. Warm it slightly and use as ear drops. Take care that it should be bearable and not too hot otherwise it might scald the ear.

Cholesterol (High)

       Finely dice an onion and mix it with 1 cup buttermilk along with ¼ teaspoon black pepper (kali mirch) and drink.

       Regularly intake garlic (lahsun) cloves for a few days.

       Regularly intake coriander (dhania) decoction made by boiling 2 teaspoon dry seed powder in 1 cup water. (Milk and sugar can be added to improve its taste. This could be a welcome substitute for tea or coffee.)


       A decoction of 15-20 tulsi leaves taken along with a pinch of rock salt (kala namak) helps in the cure.


       Soak cumin seeds (jeera) in lime juice overnight. Keep this mixture under the sun till completely dry. Bottle it. Chew ½ teaspoon of this mixture and drink with a glass of warm water.

       Giddiness due to blood pressure

       Soak 1 teaspoon each of powdered amla, coriander seeds (saboot dhania) and sandalwood in a cup of water overnight. Strain and drink the next day. Continue this for the next few days

Insect bites

       Drink 2 to 3 teaspoon coriander (dhania) leaf juice mixed in 1 cup water. Also apply sandalwood paste on the affected area.

       Take 1 teaspoon basil (tulsi) leaf juice and drink with water. Also apply externally.

Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

       Consume plenty of curd. Also massage head with curd before washing. Very helpful.

       Add 2 teaspoon of honey to a big cupful of water and have it before going to bed. Babies generally fall asleep after having honey.

       A cup of warm milk sweetened with honey should be taken before going to bed. Have it everyday.


       Soak 2 tablespoon fenugreek seeds (methi dana) in water overnight. In the morning grind into a fine paste. Apply all over scalp and leave for ½ an hour. Wash with shikakai or mild shampoo.


       Combine 1 teaspoon each powdered ginger (adrak), powdered cumin (jeera) and powdered cinnamon (dalchini) with honey and make into a thick paste. Take 1 teaspoon thrice daily.

       Boil 1 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera) in a glass of water. Add to this 1 teaspoon fresh juice of coriander leaves (dhania) and a pinch of salt. Drink it after every meal for 2-3 days.

       Mash 1 ripe banana along with a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon tamarind (imli) pulp. Take twice a day.

       Drinking a strong cup of unsweetened black tea is very effective for stopping diarrhea.

       Peel an apple and shred it. Keep the shredded pieces in a plate for approximately 20 minutes until they turn brown in colour, and then eat them.

Diarrhoea (Contd.…..)

       Slice the tender unripe bel fruit. Sun dry it and then make a powder. Take 1 teaspoon along with warm water twice a day.

       Every night take 3 cloves of garlic (lahsun), chopped and boiled in milk. Make a paste of 1 green chilli along with 2 tablespoon lime juice and ½ teaspoon camphor (kapoor). Take ¼ teaspoon of this paste.

       2 or 3 teaspoon coriander seeds (saboot dhania) soaked overnight in water and taken next morning with 1 cup buttermilk.

       Boil ¼ teaspoon powdered cardamom (chhoti illaichi) seeds in thin tea water and drink.

       Mix juice of 15-20 tender curry leaves (curry patta) with 1 teaspoon honey and drink.

       Apply ginger (adrak) juice around the navel.

       Diarrhoea due to indigestion of food

       Insert ¼ teaspoon nutmeg (jaiphal) powder inside a ripe banana and eat it.

Dark Circles

       Take one teaspoon tomato juice, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric (haldi) powder & a little gram flour (besan). Make a paste & apply. Leave for 10 minute & wash off.

       Drink tomato juice with a few mint leaves, little lemon juice & salt.

       Soak cotton wool in cucumber juice (kheera) or potato juice & apply around the eyes. You will find a change in 2-3 weeks.


       Add ¼ teaspoon salt, 3 teaspoon brown sugar or ordinary sugar and 2 teaspoon lime juice to 1 cup of water, mix  and drink.

       Dehydration due to diarrhea:

       Soak half a nutmeg (jaiphal) in 2 cups water for over 2-3 hours. Take 1 teaspoon of this infusion and mix in 1 cup fresh coconut water. Drink twice or thrice a day.


       Rub a nutmeg (jaiphal) against a smooth stone slab with a little water and make a paste. Apply on affected parts.

       Add 1 teaspoon camphor (kapoor) to 1 teaspoon sandalwood paste and apply on the affected areas.

       Make a paste of turmeric (haldi) and neem leaves (the ratio should be 1:1) in a little gingelly oil (til ka tel) and apply on affected areas.

Ear Ache

       Heat 2 teaspoon mustard oil. Add ½ teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain) and one or two flakes of crushed garlic (lahsun). Boil till they turn red and then filter. Use as ear drops.

       Boil well 1 teaspoon lahsun (garlic) in 2 tablespoon gingelly oil (til ka tel). Cool and filter. Use as ear drops (2 to 3 drops).

       Mix a few drops of lime juice in 1 teaspoon lukewarm water. Put 4 drops of this into the ear.

       Use neem leaf juice as ear drops.


       Soak 3 tablespoon carom (ajwain) seeds in an adequate quantity of lime juice and dry in the shade. When fully dried, powder with a little black salt. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture twice daily for a few days with a little warm water.

Feet Cracks

       Mix equal quantities of glycerin and lemon juice. Apply every night before going to bed. This mixture can be made and stored in a glass bottle.

       Massage your feet with castor oil every night (in winters) for 2-3 minutes and then wear socks at night.

       Grind equal amounts of neem leaves & turmeric (haldi). Apply on affected area.

       Finely grind a handful of henna (mehendi) leaves. Add 2 tablespoon lemon juice and apply on the feet.

       Mix the juice of bottle gourd (lauki) and sesame oil (til ka tel) in the ratio 4:1 and heat till all the moisture has evaporated. Bottle and use over cracked skin.

Smelly Feet

       Soak feet in strong tea for 20 minutes every day until the smell disappears. To prepare your footbath, brew two tea bags in 500 ml (2½ cups) of water for 15 minutes and pour the tea into a basin containing two litres of  cool water.


       Drink ½ glass water, slowly.

       Keep a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth and suck slowly.

       Swallow ½ teaspoon mustard seeds (sarson) mixed with ½ teaspoon pure ghee.

       Grind 4 cardamom (chhoti illaichi) well. Boil it in 2½ cups or ½ litre water. When about 1 cup water remains, remove from fire and sieve it through a muslin cloth. Let it cool. When warm, drink a glassful. Works like magic.

       Suck 2-3 small pieces of fresh ginger (adrak). This helps in hiccups, which keep occurring again and again.


       Roast some ajwain dry on a tawa. Tie it in a muslin bag and sniff frequently.


       Make a paste of 2-3 powdered cloves (laung) and salt. Apply this paste on the forehead.

       A paste made of dry ginger (sonth) with a little water or milk when applied to the forehead also gives relief.

       A ripe apple, after removing the upper rind and the inner hard portion should be taken with a little salt every morning on an empty stomach. Continue for a week. This yields good results even in case of chronic headaches.

       Mix 1 teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (dalchini) in 1 teaspoon water and apply on the forehead. It is very effective in headache due to exposure to cold air.

       Crush an onion and apply the paste on the head.

Headache (Contd.…..)

       Grind 10-15 tulsi leaves with 4 cloves (laung) and 1 teaspoon dried ginger (sonth) into a paste and apply.

       Tulsi Tea: Mix 8-10 basil (tulsi) leaves, ½" piece ginger (adrak), 7 black pepper corns (saboot kali mirch) powdered coarsely with 1 large cup (200ml) water. Boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and keep for 2-3 minutes. Strain, add boiled milk, sugar and drink warm. Lie down covering yourself with a sheet for 5-10 minutes. It is very helpful in headaches, cold, indigestion. Drink 2-3 times a day. (For children reduce quantity to half)

       Follow the simple Chinese accupressure technique and say goodbye to those nasty headaches. This can be done anywhere and at any time. Place your thumb on the web of skin between the thumb and index finger of your other palm and apply pressure for about two minutes. Repeat on the other hand. However, this Chinese accupressure massage is not recommended for pregnant women.

Headache (Contd.…..)

       Headache due to exposure to cold air: Mix 1 teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (dalchini) in 1 teaspoon water and apply on the affected parts.

       Headache on one side: Powder equal quantities of liquorice (mulathi) and cumin (jeera). Take ¼ teaspoon every day along with 1 teaspoon honey for a month.

       Mix 1 teaspoon each of the following powders and store: camphor (kapoor), nutmeg (jaiphal), cardamom (chhoti illaichi) and cloves (laung). Take 2 pinches with warm water.

Muscular Pain

       Warm the papaya leaf over the fire and apply on affected parts.

       Heat ginger (adrak) paste with turmeric (haldi) paste (ration should be 1:1) and apply over affected areas.

       Soak ½ teaspoon liquorice (mulathi) root powder in 1 cup water and leave overnight. Mix into the infusion 1 cup rice gruel (cooked broken rice) and take every morning.

Mouth Ulcers

       Mix some coconut milk with honey and massage the gums 3 to 4 times a day.

       Gargle with (or apply) freshly extracted coconut milk from a ripe coconut frequently.

       Mix the pulp of a ripe bel fruit with jaggery (gur) and eat once a day.

       Mix 1 tea cup bel pulp with 1 teaspoon sugar and eat early morning on an empty stomach for 3 days.

       Coriander (dhania) decoction prepared by boiling 1 teaspoon coriander seeds (saboot dhania) in 1 cup water, gargled when lukewarm, frequently.

       Chew one or two tender leaves of fig (anjeer) and leaf buds frequently and wash the mouth with warm water.

Mouth Ulcers (Contd.…..)

       Soak 1 tablespoon crushed liquorice (mulathi) root in 2 cups water for 2 to 3 hours and use it for gargling frequently.

       Boil 2 tablespoon fenugreek (methi) leaves along with ½ cup green gram (moong dal) and 10 small onions. Eat regularly.

       Fenugreek seeds (methi dana) fried and powdered should be added to drinking water. Drink 2-3 times daily for a few days.

       An infusion of fenugreek (methi) leaves gargled 5-6 times daily for a couple of days.

Morning Sickness

       Mix 1 teaspoon each fresh juice of mint (pudina) and lime along with 1 tablespoon honey. Take 3 times a day.

       Mix juice of 15-20 tender curry leaves (curry patta) with 2 teaspoon lime juice and 1 teaspoon sugar. Take in the morning.

       Mix 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg (jaiphal) powder with 1 tablespoon freshly extracted amla juice. Take 3 times a day.

       ½ teaspoon ginger (adrak) juice with 1 teaspoon each fresh lime and mint (pudina) juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey, taken frequently proves very effective.

Menstrual Pains

       Boil 1 teaspoon saffron (kesar) in ½ cup water. Let it reduce to become 1 tablespoon. Divide this decoction into three portions and take with equal quantities of water, thrice daily for a couple of days.

       Take ½ teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (dalchini) every night along with 1 cup milk.

       Powder 1 teaspoon dried mint (pudina) leaves and take with 1 teaspoon honey, thrice daily.

       Make a mixture of 6 to 8 almonds, crushed and mixed in 1 cup milk along with 1 egg yolk (white), ½ teaspoon sesame powder (til) and 1 teaspoon honey. Take this once or twice a day.

Menstrual Pains (Contd.…..)

       Menstruation, excessive bleeding

       Grind some bel leaves into a fine paste. Take 1 teaspoon with warm water and drink some cold water as well.

       Grind 10 fresh lead buds of figs (anjeer) and apply on the lower abdomen below the navel for a few hours. Repeat this frequently.

       Boil 1 teaspoon coriander (dhania) seeds in 2 cups water till it is reduced to 1 cup. Add sugar to taste and drink when lukewarm. Repeat twice or thrice a day.

       Menstruation, painful and irregular

       A piece of fresh ginger (adrak), ground and boiled in a cup of water. The infusion should be taken thrice daily after meals along with sugar.

Memory Improvement

       Prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon honey and a pinch of finely powdered cinnamon (dalchini). Take it every night regularly.

       Take ½ teaspoon black cumin (kala jeera) powder and mix it with honey. Eat small quantities of it twice a day.

       Mix 1 teaspoon each amla root powder and white sesame seed (safed til) powder. Add 1 teaspoon honey and eat every day for a few days.

Nose Blockage Due To Cold

       Make a very fine powder taking equal quantities of cardamom (chhoti illaichi) seeds, cinnamon (dalchini), black pepper (kali mirch) and cumin (jeera). Sniff this powder frequently to induce sneezing.

Old Age Problems

       Boil 1 teaspoon ginger (adrak) in 1 cup water till reduced to ½ cup. Add to it ½ cup cow's milk, 2 pieces of cardamom (chhoti illaichi), 5 strands of saffron (kesar) and 1 teaspoon sugar. Drink in the morning.


       Mix lime juice with honey and water. Drink a glass of this every morning.

       Mix 3 teaspoon lime juice with ¼ teaspoon powdered black pepper (kali mirch) and 1 teaspoon honey along with 1 cup water and drink for 3 months.

       Take 1 teaspoon lime juice in a cup of water every morning.

       Eat 10 fresh, fully grown curry leaves (curry patta) every morning for 3 to 4 months.

       Eat a tomato before breakfast.


       Mix 1 teaspoon fresh juice of mint (pudina) leaves with 1 teaspoon lemon juice & 1 tablespoon honey. Take 3 times a day.

       Boil amashed ripe banana in 1 teacup milk & take 2-3 times a day.

       Mix juice of 15-20 tender curry leaves (kadi patta) with 1 teaspoon honey & drink.

       Take 1 tablespoon black cumin seeds (kala jeera) and roast them. Mix in another tablespoon of black cumin seeds (unroasted) and powder them finely. Take ½ teaspoon of this powder with a glass of water everyday.

       Wash 2-3 dried figs (anjeer) very well & soak in a glass of cold water overnight. Have it first thing in the morning. Similarly have figs in the evening that have been soaked in the morning. Taking them regularly for 2-3 weeks gives beneficial results. It is effective in ordinary as well as bleeding piles.

Piles (Contd.…..)

       3 teaspoon of the juice of the leaves of bitter gourd (karela) mixed with a glassful of buttermilk taken every morning for a month is a good remedy for piles.

       The juice of radish (mooli) or consuming fresh radish is very effective. The juice should be given in doses of 60-90 ml morning & evening.

       Take ½ teaspoon each of powder of dried pomegranate flowers (anaar daana), poppy seeds (khuskhus) & dried neem leaves, twice a day with milk for bleeding piles.

       Consuming buttermilk after food is very beneficial in the treatment and eradication of piles. Mix ¼ teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain) powder & rock salt (white) to your buttermilk.

       Precaution: Constipation should be avoided as it leads to an aggravation of piles.

Reproductive Weakness

       Boil 1 cup milk with ½ teaspoon pepper powder and 6 to 8 crushed almonds. Take at bedtime.

Stomach Ache

       Swallow with warm water, 1 teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain) and pinch of salt.

       Mix one teaspoon of pure ghee with a pinch of asafoetida (hing). Swallow with warm water.

       Mix 1 teaspoon mint (pudina) juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, juice of ¼" piece ginger (adrak) and a pinch of black salt (kala namak) and drink it.

       Mix a little asafoetida (hing) with water to make a paste. Apply on and around the navel.

       Drink 1-2 teaspoon brandy with a little warm water. Gives immediate relief from gas.

       Mix carom seeds (ajwain) with lemon juice and dry in the sun. Bottle it and have a teaspoon whenever you feel that something is wrong with your stomach (very good for digestion, gas, indigestion etc.)

       And then there is the age old method of using a hot water bottle and lying down on your stomach to get relief.

Stomach Ache (Contd.…..)

       Pain around navel

       Grind 2 teaspoon each carom seeds (ajwain) and dried ginger (sonth) into a fine powder. Add a little black salt (kala namak). Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture with 1 teacup warm water frequently.

Skin Complexion

       Mix equal quantities of almond oil and honey and apply on the face.

Skin Allergies


       Grind 1 tablespoon poppy seeds (khuskhus) with 1 teaspoon water. Add 1 teaspoon lime juice. Apply on the affected areas.

       Mix 1 teaspoon lime juice with sandalwood paste and apply all over.

       Skin Cracked

       For dry, cracked hands apply a mixture of grated potato soaked in olive oil. Leave this on for 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Sexual Debility

       Fry equal quantities of carom (ajwain) seeds and kernel of tamarind seeds (imli ke beej) in ghee. Powder and store in a dry, cool place. Mix 1 teaspoon of this powder in a glass of milk along with 1 tablespoon honey. Drink daily at bedtime.

       Make paranthas of wheat flour by adding ½ cup fenugreek (methi) leaves, ½ teaspoon ground almonds, ½ teaspoon poppy seeds (khuskhus) and a little ghee. Eat every day for 40 days.

       Soak 8 to 10 almonds and 1 teaspoon rice overnight. Remove the outer skin and grind into a fine paste. Mix in some milk and a pinch of turmeric (haldi) powder. Boil and drink along with sugar candy (mishri) or ordinary sugar to taste.

       Take 2 teaspoon of amla juice and mix it with two teaspoonfuls each honey and lime juice. Add 1 teacup water and drink on an empty stomach every morning. (Attention: The treatment should continue for at least 120 days to achieve expected results.)

Sexual Debility (Contd.…..)

       Boil 1 teaspoon ground fenugreek seeds (methi dana) in a cup of water and drink.

       ½ teaspoon ginger (adrak) juice mixed with honey and a semi-boiled egg, taken at night.

       Mix ¼ teaspoon nutmeg (jaiphal) powder in a teaspoon of honey and take with a half-boiled egg an hour before going to bed.

       Onion seeds (kalaunji) dried and powdered, 1 teaspoon eaten 3 times daily along with sugar or honey.

       Boil 1 teacup milk with ½ teaspoon black pepper (kali mirch) powder and 6 to 8 crushed almonds. Take at bedtime.

       Grind 2 or 3 teaspoon dried pomegranate seeds (anaar dana) and take once or twice along with milk.

       Mix ¼ teaspoon saffron (kesar) with milk. Take twice daily.

       Mix sesame seeds (til) with jaggery (gur) and eat.

Sexual Debility (Contd.…..)

       Sexual under-development in women

       6 to 8 almonds, crushed and mixed in 1 cup milk along with 1 egg yolk, ½ teaspoon ground sesame seeds (til) and 1 teaspoon honey. Take once or twice a day.

       Sexual weakness

       Onion seeds (kalaunji) powdered, 1 teaspoon eaten 3 times daily along with sugar or honey.

Throat Soreness

       Apply liquorice (mulathi) paste like a paint around the throat for relief.

       Eat a plain betel leaf (pan) with liquorice (mulathi) 2-3 times a day.

       Drink tea boiled with ginger (adrak) and a few tulsi leaves 2-3 times a day.

       Gargle with warm salt water at least twice a day. However do not make gargling sounds as this may aggravate the soreness.

       Pound 2-3 cloves (laung), garlic (lahsun) and add to a cupful of honey. Keep for 1-2 days. Have one teaspoon thrice a day.

Throat Soreness (Contd.…..)

       Drink lots of water (10-12 glasses) a day since most throat problems are intensified by dehydration.

       Have the mixture of ½ teaspoon honey and ½ teaspoon lemon juice every 1-2 hours.

       Add two tablespoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds to 6 cups of water. Heat on low flame and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Cool to bearable temperature. Strain and gargle 2-3 times a day with this.

       Heat a cup of milk (warm). Add 1-2 pinch of turmeric powder (haldi) mix well and drink at night.

Tooth Ache

       Heat ½ teaspoon asafetida (hing) in 2 teaspoon lime juice. Soak a piece of cotton in this solution and place it in the tooth cavity.

       Apply a mixture of powdered black pepper (kali mirch) and clove oil on the affected part.

       Pound some asafetida (hing) in a mortar & pestle and add some lime juice. Heat it slightly. Soak a piece of cotton and hold it on the affected area.

       Heat 1 teaspoon coconut oil and fry 3 pieces of clove (laung). Make a powder and apply on the affected area.

       Apply nutmeg oil on the affected parts.

       Burn the shells of almonds and powder. Use as toothpowder.

       Soak a piece of cotton wool in few drops of clove oil. Press on affected areas.

       Paste of dry ginger (sonth) applied to gums along with a little salt provides immense relief.


       Steep 1 teaspoon each dried amla powder and coriander seeds (saboot dhania) in water overnight. Strain and drink next morning. To improve the flavour, sugar can be added. Repeat for a few days.

       Heat 2 tablespoon sesame oil (til ka tel). Mix in ½ teaspoon each finely of powdered cardamom (chhoti illaichi) and cinnamon (dalchini). Apply on the head.

       Mix 7 to 8 almonds with 7 to 8 kernels of pumpkin (kaddu) seeds, 1 teaspoon poppy seeds (khuskhus) and 3 tablespoon wheat. Soak in water overnight. Next morning, remove the outer skin of the almonds and grind everything together into a fine paste. Heat separately 2 teaspoon ghee and fry ½ teaspoon cloves (laung). Add the paste to it along with some milk and boil the whole mixture. Sweeten with sugar and drink every day for a few days.

Vomiting And Nausea

       Licking the powder of fried cloves (laung) mixed with honey controls vomiting.

       Sucking a piece of ice also controls vomiting.

       Mix 2-3 teaspoon of curry leaves (curry patta) juice with a teaspoon of lime juice (can add little sugar if needed). Drinking this will control morning sickness, nausea and vomiting.

       Crush 2-3 cloves of garlic (lahsun) and boiled with 3/4 cup of water or milk. Boil till half the amount remains and then drink. It takes care of all digestive disorders.

       Mix ½ teaspoon of fresh ginger (adrak) juice with 1 teaspoon each of fresh lime, mint (pudina) juices and 1 tablespoon of honey and drink.

Vomiting And Nausea (Contd.…..)

       Slice a ripe banana. Sprinkle some powdered sugar and freshly ground cardamoms (chhoti illaichi) on top. Eat 1-2 times a day.

       Eat ½ teaspoon ground cumin seeds (jeera).

       Ginger (adrak) tea or sucking sliced ginger helps.

       Powdered cinnamon (dalchini) and sliced ginger (adrak) work by interrupting nausea signals sent from the stomach to the brain. If you are a herbal tea drinker, simply sprinkle powdered cinnamon on the tea and drink. To make ginger tea, simply simmer a few slices of ginger in hot tea water.

       Vomiting due to indigestion

       Frequent intake of lime juice is a good remedy.


       Apply coconut oil on the portions of skin and face where wrinkles set in and gently massage every night at bed time.

       Soak shredded ginger (adrak) in honey. Eat a spoonful every morning.

Yellow Teeth

       Mix salt with finely powdered rind of lime (nimbu ka chilka). Use this as toothpowder frequently.

       Burn the shells of almonds and make a powder. Use as toothpowder.