Tuesday, 24 April 2012

3 Meals Vs 6 Meals Day:

3 Meals Vs 6 Meals Day:

The consumption practice of taking meals six times per day instead of 3 times is gaining significance among the weight watchers. Let us discuss merits and demerits of this practice of diet in the words of Dr.Damayanthi, Nutritionist at National Institute of Nutrition. `Six meals per day diet' or `eat and lose weight', and these slogans, which tends to attract people, and they are used to come for counseling to know about this diet plan from Nutritionists.

Dr.Damayanthi revealed the fact that most women in the age group of 30s, who came for nutrition counseling and followed the six meals per day diet plan, considerably lose their weight, and after that they might get back to their old diet practice, gaining their weight nearly more than two kilos of weight than before they had. Dr. Haritya Shyam, who is the Head of Dietetics Department from one of the leading Hospital have confirmed that people who follow strictly this practice, `eat and lose weight' plan as per the recommendations of dieticians, lose weight quickly in less than two or three months, but once they have given up this diet plan, they gain much weight than before. For example, people who lose 10 kilos during the diet plan, and once stop it, you gain nearly 15 kilos, which is more than the actual weight you had.

Nutritionists and dieticians have given the above statistics and the diet plan of six meals per day or eat to lose weight; they provide sensible diet formula for the people who want to lose weight following the same. Let us discuss some ideas put forth by them for weight loss. The main concept is eating meals with regular intervals with less quantity six times per day. Dr Damayanthi cautioned the people that foods you take should not contain excess calories, as this might add extra kilos to your weight. It is necessary and important to consult the dietician or Nutritionist, to determine the exact requirement of calories consumption per day, which is based on the one's age, body type, daily physical activity, and other parameters of one's health condition.

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